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Welcome to The Bald Purple Aslans!

If you're like most people, you are now asking yourself "Self, what IS a Bald, Purple Aslan?" The answer, like our group here at the [BPA], isn't a simple one, but not for reasons you're probably expecting.
The Traveller Universe is certainly a diverse and wonderous place, filled with many unusual and exotic specimens of sentient (and not so sentient) life. Although most citizens of the Imperium have at least a passing familiarity with the lion-like race of warriors, strange rumors persist regarding Aslans and (more particularly) their "sensual" mores.
One rumour relates how an unusual and rare genetic strain can give their skin a purple hue.  These same rumors further suggest that there are those (Humans)who find such a creature, especially when fully shaven, particularly alluring.  Of course, these are rumors only....

A casual visitor of our fine webpage will find, perhaps surprisingly, that not all members of the BPA are, in fact, Aslans.  Most members are standard specimens of Humaniti. 

Regardless of whatever species we might roleplay, what binds us together is a love of Role Playing Games (RPGs), especially Traveller D20 and other assorted games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, miniature wargames and on-line computer games.  We are a diverse lot and this site reflects that diversity.

As you can see, BPA's main focus is the RPG Traveller.  We use the D20 version, mainly because the gaming mechanisms are the same as the new D&D (well, new to those of us who began way back in 1978).  In addition to a Traveller section, we also have sections devoted to our other gaming interests. 

So go ahead and look around.  Maybe you'll run across something that you can use in your own campaigns or roleplaying adventures.  You never know, you  might even find something interesting about a bald, purple Aslan......
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